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Cámara IP Planet ICA-101

Simple to use, Suitable for home, business, or public facilities, Multi-Platform Support, Easy configuration, Bundled recording utility, Motion Detection, DDNS Support, Audio Support.

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As broadband communication gets more and more popular, transferring video and audio through network becomes a hot topic. ICA-101 provides an advanced digital solution of Internet Camera. It supports wired Ethernet networking. ICA-101 can be placed wherever there is a LAN or an available xDSL/Cable modem connection. ICA-101 also supports DDNS. Even your gateway does not support DDNS, it can still cooperate with ICA-101 and provide live image to Internet user. With its Plug-N-Watch capability, a network administrator or system operator can seamlessly complete network deployment in just minutes!

   ICA-101 is using MPEG-4 video compression technology. Via MPEG-4 technology, you can view a high quality video with Web Browser or media player. An advanced microcomputer is integrated into this camera to digitize live video, and then compress the video stream using MPEG-4. The high compression capabilities of MPEG-4 reduce network bandwidth requirements to amazingly low levels. With an embedded Web server, users are able to view video using only their Web Browser and Microsoft Media Player.

   There is a powerful function enhanced in ICA-101, Motion Detection. If a motion is detected in surveillance spot, this function will capture 10 images and attach them in an email, then send to a specified account. This feature uses MPEG-4 image object comparison technology. ICA-101 will compare each frame to detect changes caused by any moving object.

   ICA-101 supports audio function. Connecting an external microphone to ICA-101, the voice around can be gathered and transmitted with live image. With the bundled utility, you can record video by manually control or arrange a schedule.